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Cristina Zenato – The shark whisperer


Cristina Zenato is a course director, shark behaviourist, conservationist, public speaker, and founder of the nonprofit organisation – People of the Water – and a member of the explorers club.  She has also been inducted into the women divers hall of fame, is a member of the ocean artists society and the recipient of the platinum pro 5,000 as well as being a writer and listed as an actor on IMDB.  Also known as the shark dancer, the shark whisperer, and the mother of sharks; Cristina is well known for removing over 300 fishing hooks from “her girls” whilst they nestle on her lap as she crouches on the sea bed.  One of Cristina’s more famous videos show her successfully removing a hook by putting her hand, and arm, inside a sharks mouth to retrieve the hook from its throat.


Join me as I discuss a range of topics with Cristina Zenato, including her exploration and mapping of the uncharted caves hidden beneath the Bahamas, shark conservation, life on an island, living with hurricanes, fitness and tuition of budding shark enthusiasts and that’s before we get onto the topic of hook removal!


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