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Jeffrey Glenn – An introduction to tech diving


Jeffrey Glenn is a dive industry titan specialising in all areas of technical, cave and rebreather diving. He’s logged more than 20 years of experience at the pointy end of diver and instructor development and is also the owner of GoPro Asia and Bans Technical Diving, based on Koh Tao, Thailand.

His qualifications include multi-agency accreditations, such as a PADI Course Director and Technical Instructor Trainer, TDI/SDI Course Director, Instructor Trainer for RAID International (which is the world’s fastest-growing and most dynamic dive agency), Raid Cave 2 Instructor, TDI Full Cave Instructor, and Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer for all 3 agencies.

Jeff is also an instructor for the world’s 3 leading exploration rebreathers: the JJCCR, the XCCR and the SF2.  He’s certified well over 1000 divers in technical, rebreather and cave diving as well as countless technical diving instructors at all levels of their diver training. You can find out more from the GoPro Asia website, click on the icon below.

Jeffrey Glenn is a member of international dive teams assembled for scientific research and exploration objectives.  Two of these currently include Major Projects Foundations led by Dr Matt Carter (S01 E09) as well as Bottomline Projects, led by a close friend and trusted dive buddy, Mikko Paasi (S01 E08).  Currently residing on the Australian Gold Coast Jeff joins us to talk about the mysterious art of tech diving, the avenues that it can lead to and the differences in training styles.  By the end of this episode, I am confident that the content will also allay some fears in those divers that may shy away from the technical elements of our awesome sport… Now let’s get on with the legend himself!


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