Dan Johnson - MV Oceania Liveaboard - Part 2

Dan Johnson - MV Oceania Liveaboard - Part 2

Dan Johnson is the man in charge of MV Oceania, co-owner, and captain of this beautiful vessel, and joins me to kick off Season 4. MV Oceania is a liveaboard scuba diving vessel that operates out of Walindi Plantation, New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea, located in the Coral Triangle of the Asia Pacific region, is situated just south of the equator and 100 miles north of Australia. The country encompasses the eastern side of New Guinea Island and 600 smaller islands and atolls. Known for its rich indigenous cultures, Papua New Guinea is home to over 800 languages, making up one-third of the world's languages, and boasts the largest area of untouched rainforest outside the Amazon.

PNG offers incredible scuba diving opportunities with its untouched coral reefs, diverse marine life, and unique culture. The diving hotspots in PNG include Milne Bay in the South, Kimbe Bay, and Kavieng town or Lissenung Island. Divers and underwater photographers come from all over to witness the coral atolls and walls, WWII wrecks, barrier reefs, and other underwater photography subjects the Indo-Pacific region is renowned for. The country also boasts beautiful tropical jungles and mountain ranges on land.

If you're planning to dive in PNG, it's a must to include a land tour to experience the local tribes. With 28,000 miles of reef systems, divers are unlikely to encounter other groups, making it a perfect destination for those looking for a secluded diving experience. The country offers various dive resorts and liveaboard options catering to all levels of divers and is renowned for its spectacular scuba diving.

"Having lived and worked in PNG, I personally rate it as my top hotspot for tropical diving. A must for any avid diver!" (Matt Waters)

Dan is a well-respected figure in the diving industry, known for his extensive knowledge and expertise in navigating the waters of Papua New Guinea, particularly the spectacular reefs of New Britain.

In this 2-part series, we discuss MV Oceania's past, present, and future plans for exploration scuba diving in Papua New Guinea, as well as Dan Johnson's journey and experience as a dive leader. So, join us as we explore the depths of Papua New Guinea's ocean and the story of Dan Johnson and MV Oceania, the ultimate liveaboard scuba diving vessel in this region.

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