Don Silcock - Senior Travel Editor meets El Blanco the Southern Right Whale
The Scuba GOAT PodcastFebruary 13, 2023x
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Don Silcock - Senior Travel Editor meets El Blanco the Southern Right Whale

Don Silcock, esteemed Senior Travel Editor of Scuba Diver magazine and the mastermind behind Indo-Pacific Images, graces the studio for a long-awaited reunion, accompanied by good banter and a few cold ones. Embark on a riveting journey as we delve into Don's extensive travels and an array of captivating topics.

From traversing the vibrant landscapes of India astride a motorcycle to capturing photogrammetry images in the remote corners of Papua New Guinea alongside Sean Twomey, Don's adventures span continents and cultures. Join us as we explore the depths of South Australia, encountering sharks and marvelling at the mesmerizing dance of cuttlefish. Traverse the rugged terrain of Tasmania in pursuit of elusive handfish and the enigmatic allure of deep corals. Venture into the depths of Mexico to share the waters with formidable crocodiles and explore the mystical cenotes. Witness the majestic beauty of Patagonia as Don shares his exhilarating encounters with Southern Right Whales, shedding light on the intricate political processes and permissions required for such awe-inspiring dives.

Amidst tales of adrenaline-fueled moments and heart-pounding encounters, Don's recount of the colossal 5-ton calf named El Blanco is nothing short of captivating. A legendary figure in the annals of Don's adventures.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and boundless enthusiasm, Don serves as an unparalleled source of information, offering insights into the nuances of international flights, essential camera equipment, and navigating the chaotic yet enchanting landscape of Yucatan. Delve into the depths of Raja Ampat, where Don shares firsthand experiences from Sorido Bay Resort and engaging interviews with the illustrious Max Ammer.

With an episode brimming with intrigue and excitement, this is an opportunity not to be missed. So, lean in and immerse yourself in a world of familiar locales and undiscovered treasures as Don Silcock regales us with his captivating tales.

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