Lyndi Leggett - The Scuba Gym, Australia update

Lyndi Leggett - The Scuba Gym, Australia update

Lyndi Leggett is a passionate scuba diving professional, and founder of The Scuba Gym Australia. A not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing therapeutic scuba diving experiences for individuals with disabilities and challenges, both physical and cognitive. Alongside offering unique underwater therapy, Lyndi has expanded her outreach to include the Scuba Warrior program, specifically designed for first responders and veterans coping with post-traumatic stress. Her work not only emphasizes physical rehabilitation, but also environmental conservation efforts through local cleanup dives.

Episode Summary:

In this inspirational episode of the Scuba Goat podcast, I welcome Lyndi Leggett back on the show to discuss the transformative power of scuba diving for individuals with disabilities, cognitive difficulties and divers facing post-traumatic stress. Lyndi first appeared on the show in October 2022 during season 3. We have a good catch-up and delve back into the exceptional work at the Scuba Gym, highlighting the therapeutic benefits of being underwater, where gravity no longer constrains the body, allowing for remarkable physical and cognitive exercises. There has been a lot happening since we first heard from Lyndi, new divers, amazing experiences and even collaborating with the Sydney Aquarium where several lucky divers have now experienced lifetime goals and dived with the sharks therein.

Lyndi’s dedication to environmental stewardship shines through as she recounts the proactive cleanup drives she runs with her team, helping to remove significant debris like motorbikes and numerous plastic bags from oceanic waters. The stories shared by Lyndi are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the healing power of diving, showcasing how individuals like a former policeman now turned diving instructor have found a renewed purpose in life.

The Scuba Gym is actively seeking corporate financial support to continue its transformative work with individuals facing disabilities, cognitive difficulties, and post-traumatic stress. Potential corporate supporters can obtain all the necessary information to consider contributing to this impactful cause, supporting both human resilience and environmental conservation.


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