Marcel Van Den Berg - Scuba diving tips

Marcel Van Den Berg - Scuba diving tips

Marcel Van Den Berg is a PADI Platinum Course Director, super passionate about professional training and eager to help anyone wishing to become a dive pro. During this episode, I have a catch up to see how he is supplementing his income during the pandemic, what he is doing regarding pro training and how he is preparing for the borders to allow travel once more.

Marcel's passion for training extends far beyond the classroom as he brings his skills to a variety of social media sources, including Youtube. His main channel "Marcel Van Den Berg" has accrued over 11,000 followers as he posts detailed presentations on how to perform in-water skills demonstrations that budding dive pros will need to be able to emulate to pass their Dive Master and/ or Instructor training courses.

His second channel "Scuba Diving Tips" also has a healthy following of around 8,500 subscribers and is designed to provide a wealth of information on how to perform skills required to pass various non-professional training, such as the PADI Open Water and Advanced courses.

We cover a variety of topics in this open and honest look at the dive industry and what the future may hold for the industry post-pandemic and dare I say, quite insightful for those considering entering into the pro side of the business.

Marcel is based in Koh Tao, Thailand and operates out of Sairee Cottage Diving, below are their social media links along with details of how to get in touch with Marcel directly.

Finally, (and it's a first for Scuba GOAT) we've also put this Scuba GOAT podcast episode on Youtube too, so if you'd like to see Marcel accidentally breaking his picture frames head on over to the Scuba GOAT youtube channel and while you're there hit subscribe and let me know what you think of the channel.

You Tube
Marcel Van Den Berg (professional diver training)

Scuba Diving Tips (recreational diver training)


Scuba diving tips website

Professional training

IDC training at Sairee Cottage Diving 




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