Martin Connolly - Scuba IQ

Martin Connolly - Scuba IQ

Scuba IQ operates from Port Douglas, (north of Cairns) Queensland, Australia. Clearly, Port Douglas is a perfect destination to get out and explore the Great Barrier Reef and that's exactly what Scuba IQ do.

Originally from New Zealand, Martin Connolly spent a few years in the navy and then saw the light, jumped into a wetsuit and spent the next 20 years as a multi-agency dive instructor working in various locations such as Tonga, Spain, Turkey and Thailand. Scuba IQ and Scuba IQ Expeditions are operated by Martin and his wife, Louise. Working closely with local operators they organise training packages as well as full boat charters, delivering an attentive service to the guests who choose to join them.

Martin joins us on the show to provide an overview of how Scuba IQ became what it is today, were it is heading and what to expect from an adventure on the MV Argo and the future expeditions organised by Scuba IQ.

Expeditions with available spaces:

23-28 June 2022 - 5 nights - Minke Whales
9-13 November 2022 - 4 nights - Coral Spawning

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Scuba IQ website

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Scuba IQ expeditions Facebook

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