Surface Interval - Lissa, Don & Matt

Surface Interval - Lissa, Don & Matt

Trying out something new with this episode, entitled "Surface Interval." My idea is that once a month we have a few people in the studio and have a wee catch-up with what's caught our eyes in the scuba news from around the world.

I'm joined by an old favourite, Don Silcock and a newbie to the show, Lissa Rebec.
Don and Lissa both come to the show with some big announcements linked to their involvement with Scuba Diver magazine and Sea Shepherd respectively.

During this episode, topics range from conservation to travel, upcoming documentaries to home-based Australian diving, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Maldives and the Bahamas. All whilst having a beer, or in Lissa's case, a cup of tea.

Dons website: Indo Pacific Images

Lissa's next event: EveryFin Matters
Sea Shepherd Australia

Scuba Diver magazine:
Australia & New Zealand
Global edition

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