Sylvia A. Earle - National Geographic Ocean: A Global Odyssey

Sylvia A. Earle - National Geographic Ocean: A Global Odyssey

An absolutely mind-blowing highlight of my Scuba GOAT journey to date is the 2hrs I recently spent with Dr Sylvia A. Earle on the show. I’m sure this guest needs little by way of introduction; though her credentials, experience, passion and dedication to our oceans is awe-inspiring and incredible to witness.

Sylvia is without a doubt one of my lifelong heroes, and when her office contacted me to arrange some time with her on the show, I was stunned and star struck! But Sylvia quickly made me forget my nerves with her humility and generosity.

Vibrant and ever the optimist, Sylvia shares stories from her remarkable career, insights from her lifetime of learning, and her hopes for ongoing preservation and conservation of our blue planet. We discuss her latest book National Geographic Ocean: A Global Odyssey, which will have readers fall in love with the ocean all over again (along with being a powerful wake-up call that the ocean is effectively the planet’s “life-support system” and needs to be respected as such).

I feel truly honoured to have had the pleasure of connecting with Sylvia via the Scuba GOAT podcast. If you’ve enjoyed the show, make sure to share it with your buddies and spread the word about Sylvia’s book. Links

Find Sylvia's book at the following link:
National Geographic Ocean: A Global Odyssey

The Mission Blue website

Sylvia's social media streams


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