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Brendon Sing & Elizabeth Ward-Sing – Shark Guardian

Shark Guardian brendon and liz


Shark Guardian is a UK registered charity focused on the protection and conservation of sharks worldwide; along with research and education initiatives on these apex predators. Join me as we talk through current conservation topics and the important work undertaken by this team.

Shark Guardian operates under four pillars, conservation, education, research and expeditions.  During this episode, Brendon and Liz expand on what each pillar means for them and how the charity operates and its future goals as well as updating us on their current campaign to ban shark fin importation to the United Kingdom. At the time of recording this episode Shark Guardian were heavily involved in addressing shark fin importation loop-holes in the UK.  Brendon and Liz bring us the details and Brendon joins us later, in the Christmas catch-up with an update.

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