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Jason Fondis – Blue Corner Dive Nusa Penida

Jason Fondis


Jason Fondis is a dive professional, co-owner and manager of Blue Corner Dive Nusa Penida, Indonesia. Join us as we chat about the phenomenal aquatic biodiversity on his doorstep, hilarious island life insights, and a thrilling manta rescue caught on camera whilst diving the famous Manta Point dive site.

I first visited Nusa Penida on the recommendation of a good dive buddy of mine and I was pleasantly surprised to find it still relatively new to the tourism circuit.  Getting there is a very easy process, landing at Denpasar airport, Bali and with a short taxi ride to Sanur beach some 35 minutes away, you have a great number of ferries to choose from for a 35 minute to just over 1-hour crossing to dock at Nusa Penida.  The island has a variety of accomodation possibilities and even the option to return to Bali the same day, if you so wish.

I would suggest Nusa Penida to anyone wishing to experience some reasonable current (without it getting too hairy for the newcomers to currents), Manta’s and indeed, Mola Mola at the right time of year.  I’m sure I will be visiting for many years to come and look forward to this beauty of a getaway, and of course, catch ups with the hilarious Jason Fondis too!

You can see the Manta rescue that we discuss below:



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