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Kate Parker – Daughters of the Deep

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Daughters of the Deep founder Kate Parker is a full-time paediatric Speech Pathologist and in her spare time volunteers with Sea Shepherd.  Originally taking on a role as an onshore volunteer in 2015 Kate helps to raise funds through selling merchandise at events and sharing the work of the organisation through outreach and education.  She then progressed to offshore crewing and has been on 7 campaigns with Sea Shepherd, starting out as deck crew and most recently Bosun and is now about to head off on another campaign as an officer in the Bridge. You can hear more about the various Sea Shepherd campaigns from an earlier episode featuring Jeff Hansen, Global Director.

Kate also crews with the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard and spends most weekends out on the bay training and recovering vessels in distress.  Kate has been working her way up for the last 4 years and is soon to take her Coxswains license to become a Skipper for the organisation.

Daughters of the Deep launched last year and is now a globally registered group whose aim is to address gender inequality throughout the marine industries.  With her team of 4 colleagues, they help raise the profile of women in such roles as well as fundraising to support women in their own marine-based careers.

Kate is a qualified Dive Master and passionate diver, having been lucky enough to have dived in many locations around the world. This experience opened her eyes to both the beauty in the oceans but also the extent to which human life has damaged our planet and the necessity to fight for the protection of our seas. This inspired Kate to join Sea Shepherd and she regularly crews offshore defending marine environments. Kate also runs the Sea Shepherd Dive program in Australia/NZ with a goal to drive industry standards up to a more environmentally focused level.

Having seen first-hand the underrepresentation of women in many popular dive locations globally, Kate is honoured and excited to be part of a movement that combines both her core values regarding equal rights for women and her passion for conservation diving.



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