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Kristian Parton – Marine Biologist & Shark Enthusiast

Kristian Parton, Shark Bytes


Kristian Parton is a marine biologist and shark enthusiast conducting his research in collaboration with the University of Exeter*, the Shark Trust and Citizen Science.  He is also the lead author of a recently published scientific paper focusing on the direct impact of microplastics on demersal sharks and the father of Sh.a.R.E.N – The Shark and Ray Entanglement Network.

Kristian’s passion for marine biology and in particular, sharks, was very clear during our chat.  I was left feeling energised through his enthusiasm for the work he and his colleagues have achieved so far.  Closing loopholes and filling in the blanks is one of the many components in achieving an increased global dedication to protecting our earth and its inhabitants.  With individuals such as Kristian entering into the battle and producing work such as this, I left our discussion with an air of excitement as to what comes next,  and I will be closely following the growth of ShaREN as well as Kristian future work.

Click on the links below to follow Kristian and ShaREN and should you witness, film, photograph or simply find evidence online of shark and ray entanglement, get involved and send the information into the database for Kristian and his team to continue with their research and provide up to date and invaluable data.  Oh and maybe, just maybe, the name Kristian Parton will be synonymous with YouTube and science, so why not subscribe to Shark Bytes whilst you’re at it.  Here’s one of my favourite episodes of Kristian picking Jason Stathom’s movie “The Meg” to pieces…



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