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Marcus Blake – Komodo Resort & Dive Club

Komodo resort and dive club, Marcus Blake

Marcus Blake has spent the last 4 years as the dive operations manager at Komodo Resort and Dive Club.  During this episode we discuss the Komodo National Park, it’s dive sites and off course, the resort itself.

To quote: Nestled in a sheltered bay fringed with white sand, the Komodo Dive Resort offers a unique and friendly environment to enjoy some of Indonesia’s best diving. Imagine a place where you are welcomed as family on a paradisiac island in the middle of the Komodo archipelago surrounded by crystal clear waters and pristine reefs.

I couldn’t word it any better myself, the Komodo Resort is simply sublime.  Situated as close to the Komodo National park as you can get, visitors can enjoy a leisurely breakfast knowing the dive team are packing the boat.  Post breakfast and the dive sites are a short journey, usually arriving before any of the boats from Labuan Bajo are to be seen.

The Komodo region is renowned for being among the top dive sites on earth. Divers, snorkelers and photographers from all around the world come to the Komodo National Park to experience its very rich and unique marine biodiversity.  If you have not experienced Komodo yet, then you have to add it to the top 5 of your bucket list destinations and I’d highly recommend Komodo Resort as your base.

During the episode we discuss a manta rescue with local dive pro’s freeing it from entangled fishing lines.  Below is the video footage that we mention capturing Komodo Resort’s dive pro Engel Tani and friends getting the job done.  High 5’s fellas!!


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