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Mikko Paasi – Thai cave rescue

Mikko Paasi, KTD


Mikko Paasi is originally from Finland and a keen diver.  He travelled overseas and found himself on the island of koh Tao and purchasing the original dive shop, Koh Tao Divers for a ridiculously low price (you’ll have to listen to find out).  Over the years, Mikko and his team have moulded KTD into the success it is today.  With the addition of a second dive centre – KTD Malta.

Mikko loves nothing more than exploring the deeper depths in search of historical wrecks (some that have never been found before) and documenting them with his camera.  Diving with a highly experienced team of Tech divers, Mikko and the team  regularly collate 3D mapping images of the what they find to aid in research and conservation.

A CCR Tech Instructor Trainer, and member of the Explorers Club, Mikko did not hesitate to volunteer to help the rescue team during the Tham Luang cave rescue in Thailand. We chat about life before, during and after the events of 2018 and how offering to help lead to chamber 8.  One of the many attributes I admire in Mikko Paasi is his humility, as well as his orientation towards helping others and of course, the ability to buy a beer as the sun goes down post-dive.


If you’re keen to dive with Mikko on one of his expeditions, receive some top-notch training or simply admire the stunning photography he produces then please use the links below.

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