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Nays Baghai – Running Cloud Productions

Nays Baghai, running cloud productions


Nays Baghai is a young and impressive director with an exceptionally keen and creative eye.  His feature film debut, Descent, won the Best Australian Documentary award at the Oscar-qualifying Sydney Film Festival and has gone on to be available on Amazon Prime ANZ. Having been screened at numerous other film festivals such as, the International Film Festival, Hot Docs and Raindance, Nays’ is taking his directing skills forward as he documents Scuba diving legend Jill Heinerth’s story in, Jill Heinerth: Room To Breathe.

Nays joins me in the studio to talk about filming and of course, scuba diving.  He’s also presenting at OzTek this year so be sure to check it out if you are in Melbs for the show.  If you’ve not got your tickets yet you, click the button below and reserve your spot, we’ll see you there!


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