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Peter Gash – Lady Elliot Island

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Lady Elliot Island is a destination that epitomises eco-centric tourism.  It is a true reflection of the dedication, hard work, focus and drive afforded to her by so many people over the years, past and present, and none more so than the island’s current custodian, Peter Gash.


Peter Gash Beach


I am elated to host Peter on the show and discuss not only his success in realising his dreams so far but also the island’s successes.  Peter has dedicated a lifetime to the islands in this region and first visited Lady Elliot as a child, and was instantly struck by its beauty and mysticism.

Lady Elliot is approximately 80 kilometres northeast of Bundaberg and is nestled between Fraser Island and Lady Musgrave Island.  The island is also the closest Great Barrier Reef island to Brisbane, Queensland’s southern capital.  lady Elliot Island lies within a Marine National Park ‘Green Zone’ and forms part of Australia’s World Heritage Listed Area on the Great Barrier Reef.


Lady Elliot 1973-2017


We mention this sliding photo during the episode. Click on the image to visit the Lady Elliot website and use the slider for yourself to see the differences between 1973 and 2017.





Though I’m yet to visit Lady Elliot Island, I can tell there is something very special about this location. Obviously, it is stunning; a spectacular tropical destination that’s apart from the bustle of everyday life, not to mention a scuba diver’s dream; but it’s much more than that.  Through minimal digital connectivity, it forces visitors to put down their smartphones and realise the beauty of a moment, our earth, our ocean and our home  – but not viewed through a screen enhanced by Photoshop and alike.  Much more importantly, Lady Elliot is not an example, but THE example of what we can do for our earth and its inhabitants when we focus, dedicate and commit to doing the right thing.


As for the man making this happen, you won’t find him on social media at all, he’s far too busy working on the next major project and looking after this island paradise.  You can, however, read more about him on their webpage, better still, go and pay him a visit!!


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