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Matt Waters

Let me tell you where it all began.  In 2102 I had created a cycle business, selected the London based store location and was set to open in early 2013.  However, following 17 years of service in the Royal Air Force, I decided to treat myself to a well-earned vacation before opening the doors on ‘Muddy Wheelz’.  So with no real agenda (other than diving) and no travel plans, I purchased a 6-month flight ticket and set off.  First stop, Bangkok.

Fast forward 6 months and I’m in love with a little island in the Gulf of Thailand.  I’m doing that thing that military guys talk about doing one day.  “Living the dream.”

I nipped back to the UK to fill dad’s loft space with my gear, sell my cars, motorbikes and close the Muddy Wheelz doors (before they opened).  Ten days in blighty and I’m back on a plane with a bag full of much needed island-life essentials, Monster Munch crisps, Marmite and Snickers bars.

Since then I have taught almost every recreational course possible through SSI & PADI, certified thousands of divers, created my expeditionary travel agency Nomadic Scuba, moved to Sydney, Australia and created Scuba GOAT…

Countless amazing experiences have fallen out of the last nine years and my transition from hobbyist to dive professional but most importantly for me, it’s the people I have met, the adventures shared, the fears overcome, the memories formed and the ever-lasting friendships that evolve from our mutual love for diving.

Through Scuba GOAT and my ever-expanding network of buddies, I hope to stoke the diving dreams of listeners, spread the word of locations, dive operators, communities and conservationists.  Trigger those life-changing moments that close a cycle shops doors only to open a new world of watery adventures.

Happy days.


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