Lyndi Leggett - The Scuba Gym, Australia

Lyndi Leggett - The Scuba Gym, Australia

"Not all heroes wear capes." This is so true... they sometimes wear fins too!

Lyndi Leggett wears fins, and to many she is an absolute superhero.  A few years ago, sick of the corporate world Lyndi was trawling through social media and came across an article about David J Lawrence Sr and his son, Scuba Junior.  Following surgery, David Jr was rendered disabled, paralyzed from the neck down.  Today, albeit he is still paralyzed on one side, David Jr has regained use of his right side and leads a much more fulfilling life. 

Lyndi reached out to David Sr asking what it would take for her to open a Scuba Gym in Australia.

The Scuba Gym Australia operates out of the Central Coast and provides diving possibilities for people with a vast array of disabilities.  Throughout this episode Lyndi talks with passion about the successes of her divers so far (see below for links to the videos of those mentioned during the show) and what the future holds for The Scuba Gym.

The Scuba Gym is now a not-for-profit operation and Lyndi holds the golden ticket to the growth of it.  Lyndi's dream is to see a Scuba Gym in every major city in Australia. Quite rightly so too.

If you would like to help Lyndi in any way possible then get in touch.  You can email or send a message to Lyndi directly or through the show links and social media.

For those of you that would love to join the scuba gym but are not sure if you can. Lyndi has a qualified dive doctor who can talk to you about your disabilities and confirm if you can be authorised to get in the water and have a go at scuba diving.  #getinvolved you'll love it!!

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