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Welcome to The Scuba GOAT Podcast, where passion for adventure beneath the waves meets the power of storytelling. Born amidst the challenging times of the Covid lockdowns, our journey began when Matt's travel agency hit a roadblock due to the complete ban on international travel. Just days before the launch of the new Nomadic Scuba website, the world came to a stand still.

Determined to make a difference in the face of adversity, Matt reached out to his friend Jason Fondis of Blue Corner Dive - Nusa Penida who had recently been involved in a captivating tale of a Manta Ray rescue. Matt's idea - To record the discussion, stream it, and raise awareness of not only this rescue but the conservation efforts surrounding it.

With perseverance and lots of banter, Matt and Jason embarked on a journey of trial and error, navigating the world of audio editing to bring Jason's story to life. In fact, it was at least 3 recordings before they got it nailed!

Whilst stumbling through the complexities of audio tweaking and editing Matt noticed another friend, Shark Guardian Director, Brendan Sing posting great news about their campaign to ban the import of Shark Fin into the UK. This needs to be heard too, let's make a recording!

What's in a name?

To be honest the logo came first. I love to potter with Photoshop and regularly contribute to groups where people needing image correction go for help so it was no surprise to me that my thoughts behind a name for the show was bourne out of imagery. I recall a magazine from my days back in the UK called MB UK which had a cartoon character called Sean. Sean was a Mountain Bike riding sheep and I've never forgotten the image of a cartoon sheep hooning down a rocky hill. This memory instantly reminded me of Muhammad Ali's use of the acronym, GOAT, Greatest Of All Time. Sean the mountain biking sheep evolved in my mind to become Gary the scuba diving GOAT.

At last, someone asked the question.

"Matt, why do you call yourself the GOAT?" Pete Mesley inquired.

"I'm not the GOAT mate, the GOAT's are every single guest that comes on the show.
Each and every one of you brings a unique perspective or topic of discussion to the ears of listeners who want to hear this knowledge.
I merely the host the show."

Podcast achievements

It's come a long way from the dining room table in North Sydney. The Scuba GOAT Podcast made it into the ListeNotes top 10% of all global podcasts by season 2 and is now listed in the top 3% of over 3.5 million worldwide productions. Putting that into perspective for a moment, that's ALL global podcasts currently active across all genres and topics.

We've achieved such lofty stats in a sport which arguably is super niche and with download figures regularly exceeding 1,000 per episode within the first 24 hours of launch it's hard to ignore that those listeners are tuning in specifically for our content and not the 9 o'clock news.

With over 100 hours of content gathered from discussions with scientists, dive professionals, operators and agencies you can find a vast array of topics within The Scuba GOAT Podcast and we have no intention of putting the brakes on anytime soon.

Operators - beyond the numbers

It's not just about the numbers. The podcast is making a tangible impact by raising awareness about conservation efforts, showcasing conversations with elite divers, and disseminating knowledge to a broad audience. From its inception, the show aimed to achieve these goals while also providing a platform for operators to promote their offerings, stake their claim in their corner of paradise, and connect with potential customers.

Furthermore, our belief extends to the notion that operators featured on the show are cultivating a sense of familiarity with potential customers. As listeners engage with these operators through our podcast, they begin to recognize and resonate with their voices and perspectives. This familiarity can significantly influence the decision-making process when it comes to booking a visit to their location.

By hearing directly from individuals associated with these dive sites, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the experiences awaiting them. This personal connection not only enhances their comfort level but also instills a sense of trust and confidence in the operator and the destination they represent. As a result, listeners are more inclined to choose these locations for their next diving adventure, knowing they have a connection with someone there who shares their passion and values.

So if you are an operator get in touch today and let's bring your business to the ears of the masses.


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Always something entertaining in ScubaGoat podcasts

Matt (ScubaGoat’s host) is a talented host that not only picks interesting guests, but also creates an engaging conversation, where we get to know not only the person’s specialty or role in the diving industry, but also their background, making the podcast more relatable and entertaining. I like listening to episodes w...

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Scuba goat is entertaining and informative give it a listen :-)

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Served with Matt and great to see him succeed and chase his dreams. Keep doing what your doing Matt….Coney

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