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Do you have a dive operation? Are you a conservationist? Are you a dive pro delivering exceptional service? Do you know the dive sites in Egypt, the Maldives, the Similan Islands? If you can answer yes, then get in touch and let's bring your information to the ears of your future customers.

The podcast explosion

Over the last 4 years, podcasting has taken the world by storm.  With an estimated 4 million podcasts available for listeners and 116 million listeners per month, it’s certainly streaking ahead of the standard social media platforms for attracting customers.  So who’s listening then? Well, anyone with an interest in the topics and it’s fair to say that anyone with an interest in scuba diving generally has a curiosity about anything to do with our blue world.

Let’s break it down for you:

1. Scuba GOAT is Australia’s #1 scuba diving podcast
2. The episodes are pre-recorded so if you mess it up, we simply edit it out before launch
3. You get to talk about your favourite subject and promote your objectives / business / you!
4. It’s FREE and a lot easier than you think, all you need is headphones a laptop and a passion
5. Scuba GOAT is available on over 20 media platforms in 167 countries

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