Diving With Matt Waters: Scuba Diver Magazine Article

I'm thrilled to share that I've been interviewed by Pink Tank Scuba for an exclusive feature in Scuba Diver Magazine ANZ. Titled "Diving With Matt Waters," the article delves into my passion for scuba diving and my underwater adventures as well as The Scuba GOAT Podcast.

Being featured in Scuba Diver Magazine is a true honour, considering its status as one of the largest global publications dedicated to scuba diving.

In the interview, I discuss some of my favourite dive destinations, share insights from my experiences underwater, discuss diving safety, and talk about the inspiration behind The Scuba GOAT Podcast. Pink Tank Scuba's thoughtful questions provide readers with a glimpse into my ever-spinning mind, my love for scuba diving and my absolute passion for collaborating with like-minded individuals.

This feature not only highlights my journey but also serves as a springboard, openly inviting guests who wish to promote their conservation efforts, dive operations, and locations to the masses as we hint at how engaging the podcast is for our listeners.

You can read the full interview in the latest issue of Scuba Diver Magazine ANZ which is available digitally, by subscription or you could even snap up a free copy at your local dive shop.

Huge thanks to Pink Tank Scuba for the fabulous day of diving and the subsequent article. You can also read a copy of the article on the Pink Tank Scuba website.