How to work in the scuba diving industry - Marcel Van Den Berg - Scuba Goat Podcast - S02 E10
The Scuba GOAT PodcastSeptember 23, 202101:53:43

How to work in the scuba diving industry - Marcel Van Den Berg - Scuba Goat Podcast - S02 E10

Marcel Van Den Berg - Professional dive training - S02 E10 - Scuba Goat podcast

How much can I earn in the scuba diving industry?
Where can I get qualified?
What is the salary like?
How much does it cost to become a dive pro?

Join Matt Waters as he discusses many topics that may help answer some of the questions and more with Marcel Van Den Berg.

Marcel is a PADI Platinum Course Director operating out of Sairee Cottage Diving, Thailand. Marcel also has his own Youtube channels and shares his opinions on a variety of teaching methods and skills to enable budding dive pro's to become successful within the scuba diving industry. During this episode, we discuss pre and post-pandemic scenarios and how the dive industry will rejuvenate, advice for newcomers to the industry and how to avoid the common pitfalls.

00:00 Introduction
01:07:00 Invite to dive professionals
01:45:07 Marcel advertises Scuba Diving Worldwide

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