Nathalie Lasselin - A deep dive into Film-making and exploration
The Scuba GOAT PodcastApril 17, 202302:25:29

Nathalie Lasselin - A deep dive into Film-making and exploration

Ladies and gents welcome to the Scuba GOAT podcast. Last year at the OzTek dive show in Melbourne, I had the pleasure of meeting Nathalie Lasselin. Our introduction was brief, but it was enough to pique my interest in her inspiring story and make me realize that she needed to be featured on the show. In this episode, join me as I chat with Nath and uncover her motivations for venturing into the uncharted waters of the Arctic, spending over 30 hours submerged over two consecutive dives, and searching for evidence of the First Nations' presence in Quebec hydro-electric reservoir, Canada, and that's just for starters!

Get ready to dive deep into the world of underwater exploration and documentary filmmaking in the next exciting episode featuring Nathalie Lasselin.

Nathalie is an award-winning filmmaker, dive expedition leader, cave and wreck explorer, and instructor with a passion for documenting our planet and raising awareness for our freshwater resources. As a keynote speaker and on-camera talent for TV shows, she shares her love for discovery and empowering people to have a better relationship with their environment. With numerous critically acclaimed films and awards, Nathalie's work has been released in over 25 countries and featured on networks like Discovery and Nat Geo.

Formally trained as a director of photography, Nathalie casts an inquisitive eye on our blue planet and with Pixnat Productions ( ) she documents the captivating exploration of our earth. Her films have been critically acclaimed and have received numerous awards at international festivals as well as been released in over 25 countries. Nathalie regularly organizes small group diving expeditions for surveying, filming, 360-degree photography and other missions through her non-profit organization Aqua Sub Terra Exploration (ASTEX)


Women Diver Hall of Fame inductee

Royal Canadian Geographical Society fellow

Explorers club fellow

00:00 Introduction
04:20 How Nathalie started to dive
14:35 Facing darkness, Jim Bowden
22:20 Hypnosis has its place
30:20 Buddy check
34:35 How to handle unexpected situations
37:30 What is safe? Close Call
1:01:30 The Eye of Quebec
01:11:00 Balancing the technical elements of UW photography with the creative
01:20:30 Nath's choice of equipment
01:25:50 Women Divers Hall of Fame
01:29:00 Upcoming projects - The Arctic, southern Red Sea, Quebec & VR
01:31:40 The 300km hike
01:34:00 Being a woman in the male-dominated field
01:40:25 How to stay motivated and inspired
01:45:00 Do it for the now; Not the future generations

01:53:40 How do you describe your job as a diver to people who are not familiar with the activity?
01:54:38 Share a memorable moment
02:03:30 Career advice
02:07:30 If you could change anything about diving
02:10:00 Minimise human impact on the oceans
02:11:10 Has your passion for diving changed over time, and if so, how?
02:13:30 Is there a particular conservation effort that you are particularly passionate about?
02:15:48 What would you choose as the most important safety element in diving?
02:16:50 What are your top five bucket list destinations?
02:21:27 How would you describe the dive community to a non-diver?
02:24:10 Nath's future goals and ambitions
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