Pete Bethune - Earthrace conservation - S2 E02
The Scuba GOAT PodcastMarch 19, 202401:22:52

Pete Bethune - Earthrace conservation - S2 E02

Connecting with us from Costa Rica, Pete Bethune has committed his life to wildlife conservation.  Following his world record journey circumnavigating the world on a bio-fuel driven trimaran, Pete joined forces with Sea Shepherd in their fight to prevent whaling in Antarctica.  When Earthrace became low on fuel a Japanese whaling vessel took the opportunity to ram the boat with Pete and his crew still onboard which ultimately led to its sinking.  Following this, Pete boarded the Japanese vessel in a bid to present the captain with a bill for his boat.  Since that day Pete's story has led him to prison in Japan, leading special forces teams into hostile environments, producing a TV show called The Operatives ( , assisting governments in the fight against poachers and illegal fishing, shot at and even stabbed.  Pete doesn't claim to be a diver albeit he has 4-500 dives under his belt and an amazing story to tell.  For an adventure of a lifetime, you can get in touch with Pete and volunteer to become part of the team.

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