Pete Mesley - Lust 4 Rust / Shock & Awe diving
The Scuba GOAT PodcastApril 24, 202302:24:44

Pete Mesley - Lust 4 Rust / Shock & Awe diving

Today, we are thrilled to have a distinguished guest with us a man whose passion for diving spans over three decades and has led him to become one of the most skilled technical divers and instructors in the southern hemisphere. Google the name of Pete Mesley, and you'll find his namesake website, which contains his passion in life, two of which are the list first and shocking or big animal diving. And if that's not enough, you'll also find a rundown of all the technical training he has on offer. As a member of the Explorers Club, Pete's love for Wreck diving has taken him to some of the most historically significant sites across the globe, where he has documented them through his stunning photography and his work as a safety diver. Today, we have the pleasure of hearing firsthand from Pete about his experiences as an adventurer, and his unique perspective on the world beneath the waves. So sit back, relax, raise a glass and join us for an unforgettable conversation with Pete Mesley on the Scuba GOAT podcast.

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Shock and Awe:

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00:00 Introduction
03:39 Diversify your life
08:50 Pete’s entry into diving
10:50 Zimbabwe to UK
13:00 Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef
16:58 Why are you the Scuba GOAT?
18:30 Chuuk Lagoon
28:00 3D modelling of the Chuuk wrecks
30:15 The disappearing wrecks of the Java Sea
38:30 The history of Chuuk Lagoon
49:20 Avatar - The Way of Water
56:00 Shock & Awe diving - Big Fish
57:18 Sodwana Bay
1:04:10 Galapagos
1:11:50 Back to Africa
1:21:00 Unshaven hobo to local celebrity
1:27:00 Expectations of Pro-bono in UW photography
1:51:40 Rebreather Forum - RF4 Malta


 01:53:20 10 Questions
01:52:40 Describe your job to someone outside of diving
01:53:50 What's your memorable moment?
01:54:30 Career advice
01:56:18 What would you change?
01:58:24 What are your thoughts on ways to minimise human impact on the oceans?
02:02:50 Submarine I-124 - Major Projects Foundation
02:04:35 Has your passion for (diving or your industry) changed over time, and if so, how?
02:07:00 Is there a particular conservation effort that you are particularly passionate about?
02:10:50 What's the most important safety feature?
02:19:30 Pete's bucket list
02:22:10 - How would you describe the dive community to a non-diver?
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