The Grind: Whaling in the Faroe Islands - Samuel Rostøl - Scuba Goat podcast - S02 E11
The Scuba GOAT PodcastOctober 05, 202101:14:53

The Grind: Whaling in the Faroe Islands - Samuel Rostøl - Scuba Goat podcast - S02 E11

Samuel Rostøl has spent the last few months on the Faroe Islands documenting the Grindadrap. His approach to activism is calm, considered, collected and precise. During this episode, we discuss various elements and Samuel explains the process, the death threats and indeed the support he experienced during his time on the island.

The Grind comprises of herding pilot whales towards the shoreline by creating a noise wall (boats, jet skis etc). These drives can last for hours until the animals are close enough to the shore for locals to manually hook them, drag them until into shallow water and kill them.

On Sunday 12th September the Grind slaughtered 1,428 Atlantic White-sided Dolphins.

Time stamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:40 Samuel goes full-time activist
03:50 Journey to the Faroe Islands
06:56 Objectives whilst on location
08:35 What is a Grindadrop?
11:25 What is it's purpose?
12:25 The White-Sided Dolphin Grind
12:55 Fisherman disposing of unborn Pilot Whales
14:15 Pilot Whale population and life cycle
16:10 Faroese reception towards activists and Sea Shepherd
17:50 Dealing with threats and violence
22:25 Local support and the enforced silence
24:39 Political pressure
26:00 Financial aspects to the Grind and the Islands economy
29:10 Waste disposal
35:30 Grind Foremen
40:00 The effects of a hunt and being involved
43:24 Numbing the emotion
45:04 Samuels opinion on the future of the Grind
48:20 Catch to population figures
53:50 Health advisors warn islanders not to eat the catch - High levels of mercury
58:30 What's next for Samuel
1:05:35 Discussion about Samuel's fall during Sea Shepherd interview
1:08:00 The Norweigian Whale hunting
1:09:00 Samuel's links and financial support
1:14:53 Finish

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