Matt Waters - An introduction

Matt Waters - An introduction

Matt Waters: A little story on how the Scuba GOAT podcast came about

Matt Waters is a multi-agency scuba diving instructor, travel agency owner and now podcast host. Matt has certified hundreds of recreational divers and conducted 1,000’s of dives around the world. With a true passion for the Ocean and its inhabitants, Matt needs little excuse to don his dive gear and get those fins wet and when he’s not submerged he’s generally doing something dive related, whether that be tinkering with cameras, scoping out new bucket-list locations, organising expeditions and bookings or simply catching up with dive buddies. It’s fair to say that he’s a little bit addicted to the Ocean.

Podcasting is an easy way to keep in touch. Right?

Forging my way through these uncharted waters seemed quite daunting at first, and so without much knowledge, I dived into my first attempts at recording an episode with a good mate, Jason Fondis who is based on the beautiful island of Nusa Penida, Indonesia. Nusa Penida is contactable, however, two blokes chatting via zoom, with very little experience of recording audio was just plain hilarious! I think it took us 5 attempts to overcome connection issues, background interference, audio drop-outs and blips, my lack of Audacity knowledge let alone knowing how to alter the Loudness or use the effects, generators, analysers and tools. Thankfully I chose the best person to torture with continuous repeats of the recording efforts, Jase is naturally a hilarious chap and always has something to say, so it was bloody good fun.

Whilst struggling to finalise Jason’s episode a couple of friends reached out as they had exciting news about a shark finning campaign that they were spearheading in the UK. Brendon Sing and his wife Elizabeth are the Directors of Shark Guardian and it was a no brainer to include them in the show. Only 2 recordings this time. Since recording their episode, Shark Guardian has been successful in its bid to ban the import/ export of Sharkfin across the UK borders.

Matt Waters has a podcast…

The word started to get out there and people other than friends started to listen. Cue Kristian Parton, a marine biologist based in the UK eager to be on the show and talk about his passion, Sharks. Kristian has written research papers regarding plastics in Sharks, he also founded the Shark and Ray Entanglement Network (ShaREN) which collates evidence regarding, well, entanglement. Since recording the episode, Kristian has also created his fabulous YouTube channel, Shark Bytes.

Evolution of the podcast content

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