Nicholas Remy - The Underwater Club
The Scuba GOAT PodcastApril 05, 2023

Nicholas Remy - The Underwater Club

Are you intrigued by the complexities of underwater photography? Nicolas Remy (multi award-winning underwater photographer and founder of The Underwater Club ( ) joins me in the studio to shed some light on this intricate art.

Nicolas and his wife Lena caught my attention initially with their stunning photos and furthermore because they dived on rebreathers. To me, rebreather diving to photograph marine life makes inherent sense, and I wanted to explore this fascinating topic with Nicolas in this episode. The extended dive times, the silence, and the opportunity to get much closer to your subject without disturbance are some of the benefits Nicolas highlights, while also discussing the two rebreathers they use, the Revo and Horizon.

Not only does Nicolas take a superb shot; he enjoys sharing his skills with others. Teaching people and breaking subjects down into a more understandable format is truly a passion of his. So, Nicolas has quit the corporate world and devoted the last 18 months to fine-tuning The Underwater Club and its contents. It is an exceptional forum for two-way communications and jam-packed with Nicolas' knowledge to be shared with all club members through various means, expanding on his availability as a one-on-one coach.

A keen writer, he has also penned content for Scuba Diver magazine and Narked at 90, with additional content in WETPIXEL and OZ Diver.

We anticipate the launch of the Underwater Club's website very soon; to stay in the loop you can sign up for the newsletter (and have an added chance to win a prize).  Join me in the studio as Nicolas takes us from his first discover scuba dive on Kangaroo Island, to global recognition for his underwater photography and the formation of The Underwater Club.




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