Rebecca Griffiths, Freediving photography & conservation, S02 E14
The Scuba GOAT PodcastNovember 07, 202100:54:53

Rebecca Griffiths, Freediving photography & conservation, S02 E14

Rebecca Griffiths is relatively new to freediving and photography, however, 5 years down the track and she's been on 6 global Sea Shepherd campaigns, created her website and captured some amazing images. The full podcast episode can be found all major streaming services.

Chapter markers
00:00 Introduction to Rebecca
02:18 From Cyprus to Australia and beyond
06:48 Leaving Auto Mode...
08:50 Descending beneath the surface
09:15 Apex Harmony campaign
10:29 Camera of choice - Nikon D850
11:53 Free-diving
21:45 Combining the two for more campaigns
27:25 Mexican Molitov time
28:44 West Africa
36:12 Tips & advice for beginners
40:50 What's next?
43:20 Lady Elliot Island
47:00 Camera, fins, desire and go!
53:45 Wrapping it up

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