Pete Mesley - Lust 4 Rust / Shock and Awe Diving

Pete Mesley - Lust 4 Rust / Shock and Awe Diving

Today, we have the immense pleasure of introducing our esteemed guest, Pete Mesley, a renowned figure in the diving community with over three decades of unwavering dedication to the depths. His profound love for the ocean has propelled him to the forefront as one of the most adept technical divers and instructors in the southern hemisphere.

A quick search for "Pete Mesley" on Google leads you to his namesake website, a treasure trove encapsulating his life's passion. Here, you'll delve into his extraordinary adventures, with a particular focus on his exhilarating encounters with big marine creatures, a pursuit close to his heart. Additionally, his website offers a comprehensive overview of the technical training programs he provides, a testament to his commitment to sharing his expertise with fellow enthusiasts.

As a distinguished member of the Explorers Club, Pete's affinity for wreck diving has taken him on an odyssey across the globe, where he has explored some of the most historically significant underwater sites. Through his captivating photography and invaluable contributions as a safety diver, Pete has meticulously documented these submerged relics, breathing life into forgotten tales of maritime history.

Today, we have the privilege of delving into Pete's vast reservoir of experiences firsthand. Join us on the Scuba GOAT podcast as we sit down with Pete Mesley for an unforgettable conversation. So, sit back, relax, and let's embark on a captivating journey into the mesmerizing world beneath the waves with a true diving luminary.

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